the process and approach

How is our jewelry made?

We start by visualizing you, our source of inspiration (bold babes) , how each design  will bring delight to you, We strive to make high quality jewelry that will travel with you throughout many of life’s experiences and adventures. 

As with the inception of many designs, it all starts with ideas that are conceived before the sketches. Carefully selected and edited sketches then go into the next phase of CAD design as we combine this technology with the craftsmanship of skilled bench jewellers.

We combine 3D printingtraditional casting techniques in producing our designs. Finished pieces are then refined, filed, and polished by a team of bench jewelers in our partner's workshop in Thailand

Thailand has a rich history and tradition in gems and jewelry craftsmanship which has been passed down through generations. We combine this heritage of craftsmanship with current cutting edge technology to create fine quality jewelry. 

The entire process is a collective effort. Each artisan plays a part with their expertise to create the finest possible work for you, our valued customer. 

We want our creations to uplift you so that you can cherish and wear our jewelry with pride.

Materials: quality & craftmanship

925 Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper.

Designed with sustainability in mind, each piece is made primarily with recycled 925 Silver, this means that when and whenever possible, only recycled silver is used.

All silver jewelleries made are plated with rhodium to ensure durability.

Sustainability practice & fair work ethics

All precious metals (silver and gold) used for the jewelleries are conflict-free recycled precious metals. Valuable raw materials are being recovered and recycled as based metal for new jewelleries. This can be traced to supply chain of our partner who is a certified member of RJC (The Responsible Jewellery Council).

We aim to minimise usage of packaging whenever possible. We use FSC® certified 'ECO' packaging for postal box. FSC® mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce.

Plastic free shipping to customers worldwide. 

Everyone involved in making the jewelleries are all working under fair conditions and entitled to employees' rights, policies, perks and benefits. We embrace inclusivity thus every individual is appreciated due to their skills and not because of any other factors. There is zero tolerance towards gender-based violence and harassment at work place.