Saving ‘House of the Dragon’ with jewellery that gives back

What’s all about the current jewellery collection launched recently? Few of you may have noticed that Joulala’s current collection is inspired by the largest living lizard that originate in Komodo island, Indonesia.

Few facts about Komodo dragons:

  • They are the last survivors of a group of huge lizards that ranged over much of Australasia
  • Thrived for million years in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda islands and they exist nowhere else in the world
  • They mate once a year, when there are no males around, female can reproduce asexually.
  • They usually weigh about 70 kgs, the largest one may reach about 3 meters in length and weigh about 166 kgs.
  • Males tend to grow larger and bulkier than females.
  • Based on updated information of Komodo population, the conservation status of Komodo is endangered.
  • Indonesia government has set up Komodo National Park to protect the creatures and its surrounding, today it is one of UNESCO’s heritage

Our jewelleries are made with do good purpose. 10% proceeds of these Komodo inspired jewelleries goes to diverse conservation projects in Indonesia through Komodo Survival Program (KSP)

This is why Joulala’s jewellery is your ideal gift for yourself or for others in this gifting season, it’s a gift that keep giving.😍

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