Jewellery Giveaway Special this October

We are excited to announce the debut of the jewellery collection inspired by the largest living lizards in the world; Komodo dragons, who have survived and thrived in Lesser Sunda islands in Indonesia for millions of years.

This collection not only celebrating the wild exotic animals that exist only in the wilderness in Indonesia, but also supporting KSP (Komodo Survival Program) through a portion of the proceeds.

To share this joy, we are giving away this precious komodo necklace which also multi tasks as charm for earrings and hoop earrings in solid sterling silver dipped in white gold. On top of that, you will also win the hoop earrings which you could put on the charm.

How to participate? Simply head to our Instagram page and follow (if you haven’t) : @joulalaberlin
and just tag any of your pals who might love this giveaway! Good luck to you all!

Stay optimistic, xo

komodo dragon pendant sterling silver necklace

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